Design for the decommissioning contract for the ISAF Gela Phosphoric Acid plant

ENI Rewind S.p.a.
Brief description of the order
The design for the contract relating to the decommissioning of the phosphoric acid plant owned by ISAF was divided into two parts corresponding to 2 of the 4 operational phases of the remedial intervention (Legislative Decree 101/2020). This definition derives from the nature of the residues contained in the plant, characterized by the presence of natural radionuclides, therefore, all areas of the plant are defined as "controlled areas". The main purpose of the remedial intervention is the overall decommissioning of the plant aimed at an unconditional release from the radiological point of view of the area pursuant to Legislative Decree 101/2020. The design, in general, was developed by addressing the following issues: removal of materials containing asbestos and artificial vitreous fibers, techniques of emptying/extraction of residues, techniques of demolition/disassembly, treatment and management of waste.